Born and raised in Denver Colorado, Lucas had access to one of the more scenic landscapes in the United States with the rocky mountains just out his back door.  At the age of seven, his interest in photography began after seeing the results his sister had from her high school darkroom.  The process fascinated him and thus began an interest that quickly grew into a passion.  

Lucas currently lives in Glenwood Springs Colorado however frequently visits and works in Denver.  Graduating from Colorado Mountain College in 2015 with an associates in applied science with a focus on professional photography.  He was the program tutor and graduated near the top of his class.  Since then he has worked as an assistant on higher end shoots traveling the country as well as smaller shoots in the alleys of Denver.  It doesn't matter if he is behind the camera or behind the computer, so long as it is photography related he feels at home.

Lucas was also a semi-finalist in the international College Photographer of the Year photo contest in the sports feature category. Lucas also won an award for Best of Show at an Adobe Behance portfolio review.


After College Lucas went on to work for Tyler Stableford and Stableford Studios as an assistant and digital imaging tech for seven months.  During this time he traveled with the crew around the Roaring Fork Valley, Roswell New Mexico and all across North Dakota for a statewide tourism campaign.  All while working with local models and celebrity talent alike.  

Since his time with Tyler, Lucas has been pursuing other ventures in photography.  He has assisted other local photographers around colorado and has began to work behind the camera for clients as well. 

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